Lowering of casing string services

Our company provides services for the lowering of casing strings. We use modern, certified and reliable equipment and have qualified  personnel;  we guarantee quality and effective results. Both in drilling operations and well completion our solutions can be a primary or an additional method of casing string's operations.

Our company will satisfy your requests in full and strictly on time, including all the necessary equipment. We pay special attention to safety, integrity and efficiency of the well at every step of our work. With extensive experience and portfolio from conventional equipment to advanced mechanized drilling rig systems, we develop cost-effective solutions and provide high-quality services to meet your unique challenges.  

We offer torque control solutions for you to monitor pipe connections in real time from a remote location and to check the integrity of the connection.

Quality, compliance with safety regulations and environmental protection are important criteria for the realization of our activities.
We are waiting for your requests to start an open, respectful and mutually beneficial cooperation!