Chalk is used in the production of paint materials as a filler. In the composition of solvents, enamels and paints ethyl acetate is presented. 

Various types of fillers, which provide positive structural and adhesive properties of the products, are used in the paint industry. There are fillers of different types, such as oxides, sulfates, etc.

Calcium carbonate is one of the most important fillers in the production of paint materials, primers and putties. Microcalcite has a high degree of whiteness. Grain particle size of microcalcite is normalized. 

The use of hydrophobic chalk in paint materials reduces the cost of production. The process of chalk hydrophobization lies in the treating of chalk with hydrophobic agents, for example, fatty acids. Hydrophobic chalk does not consolidate and does not absorb moisture during long-term storage. Paint materials which are made with the use of hydrophobic chalk are highly resistant to external influences. With the help of fillers you can adjust the color shades of paints, viscosity and gloss.