Limited Liability Company «Financial and industrial company «Mikahim» is a multiindustry holding company, supplying products to various industries.

Our goal is to provide our consumers with quality products at the lowest prices.

Own production of various marks of chalk is located in close proximity to raw materials, it satisfies a demand of companies working in the production of plastics and PVC products, industrial rubber goods and other composite materials. To enhance reservoir recovery, our specialists have developed a line of reagents for oil production.

In the context of cooperation with leading companies, we are able to offer a range of reagents to increase the efficiency of oil production and reduce the cost of processes. Due to the available financial resources and established long-term relationships with Chinese partners, we successfully develop the trading direction of the holding company and supply raw materials for various chemical industries, controlling the quality of products in accordance with customer's requirements.

We work not only for raising money. We are interested in solving complex problems and building reliable partnerships in the realm of mutually beneficial cooperation.