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Solvents, acids, alkalis

Solvents, acids, alkalis



Isopropanol (IPA, Isopropyl alcohol, 2-Propanol) corresponds to GOST 9805-84 is a widely used organic solvent. The content of the basic substance is not less than 99.8 %, the water content is not more than 0.1 %. 

CAS № 67-63-0

Isopropanol is delivered in barrels of 170 kg, can be supplied in tank trucks, cubes, canisters. The warranty storage period is 1 year from the date of manufacture.

Isopropyl alcohol is used for the production of many chemicals, such as acetone, isopropyl acetate, methyl isobutyl ketone. It is used in the cosmetic industry, in the production of detergents and car chemicals, for washing pc boards. IPA finds an extensive usage in industry as a solvent and cleaning agent. It is meant to be used as raw material in many pharmaceutical industries.

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