Hydrophobic Chalk


Hydrophobic chalk, mark MT-90T, TS -08.11.30-009-02131099-2018. 

Hydrophobic chalk is packed in 30-kg paper or propylene bags. Hydrophobicity of chalk is at least 95%. Mass fraction of calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate in terms of the equivalent amount of calcium carbonate is not less than 98.5 %.  

Raw materials for the hydrophobic chalk are extracted in "Shebekino" deposits in Belgorod region.

The composition of the raw material of "Shebekinsky" field is a unique high quality fine-dispersed chalk, characterized by whiteness, granular formulation, the desired content of calcium, that helps to establish the production of hydrophobic chalk at the Russian enterprise, equipped with modern imported high-performance equipment. 

Hydrophobic chalk is not afraid of moisture and has high friability, is characterized by low abrasiveness, lack of agglomerates, low fluidness, lightweight dispersability, improved adhesive properties in interreaction with polymer components. 

Hydrophobic chalk is widely used in the production of PVC, rubber, plastic, sealants, soft cable compound; it is a soft filler, that reduces the cost of the material and improves resistance to wear.