The reagent of complex action for enhancing of oil recovery "DEPLAST" is used in oil and gas fields for straightening the injectivity profile of a keywell. The use of reagent DEPLAST in flow deviation technology allows you to align the displacement front in the reservoir by creating a screen on the way of flood water in the most permeable and exhausted seams. 

The reagent provides uninterrupted and non-destructive operation of dosing plants, troublefree injection into the reservoir of the planned value of solution without the probability of overfilling the well.

The entity of technology of improving oil recovery is to inject the aqueous solution of reagent DEPLAST into productive formationr through injection wells, that creates a volumetrical gel disperse system reinforced with effective components. Prepared aqueous solution of the reagent DEPLAST has a low initial viscosity and high stability of the chemical composition, which contributes to locate the planned value of the composition in the reservoir intervals with abnormal permeability. Due to the expansion of the filtration zones we achieve the increase of the oil recovery coefficient and regulation of the reservoir coverage.